Why Us?

"...I think the most important reason to visit our healing center is because of Dr. Smith's desire to get to the bottom of your concerns so you can get your health back as soon as possible. He is a fourth generation chiropractor so he has a vast amount of experience and knowledge to provide health solutions for you.

No one likes to go to the Doctor, especially as a new patient. You don't know if you can trust his reccommendation or his ability. You will know immediately that Dr. Smith only wants the best for you.

You will find that Dr. Smith has the knowledge and tools to really help to heal your concern once and for all...whether it be lifetime migraines or an accute disc injury, a chronic tendonitis or bursitis or fibromyalgia, or trigeminal neuralgia, or a whiplash injury. The tools and experience really DOES matter!"

Come and see Dr. Smith for a Complimentary Consultation Today. Call 760-754-2225 and ask for Christine.

When you decide to be our patient enjoy the 1st Time Patient Special.

Exam and Adjustment- 50% off for only $63.50.