Dr. Scott K. Smith, a fourth generation chiropractor with 25 years of patient healing experiences is extremely knowledgeable about helping others with Scoliosis heath challenges.

You have found a doctor who was designated to help the west coast patients for the Nat'l Scoliosis Foundation and at the San Diego Scoliosis Treatment Center.

During his research and healing therapy work with patients Dr. Smith found that Scoliosis is fundamentally a neurological probem.

With advanced patient care, Dr. Smith believes that stimulating the spinal nerves, which is actually the root cause of the problem, has and will provide, in many cases, a 20 degree correction (1 inch in height) within a 2 hour treatment session. After the specialized neurological therapy Dr. Smith then treats the patient on an orthopedic level.

Important Note: Dr. Smith isn't bracing the spine he is treating it and then aiding the spine to conform to normal levels. Testimonials are available upon request.

For your complimentary 5 minute test, to see if you are a candidate for this healing

therapy, contact Christine at the Coastal Chiropractic Healing Center at 760-754-2225.